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What kind of tasks do Virtual Assistants help people with?

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

So you’ve heard of the term ‘Virtual Assistant’ but do you know what they actually do? Virtual Assistants are becoming a lot more common than they used to be. In the digital age that we live in many businesses can be run virtually without the need for a physical office or building where everyone has to travel to and work from. Small businesses may start off with just the owner managing everything, perhaps from a home office, but when the business starts to expand and grow then it isn’t possible for that person to do everything single-handedly and that is where a Virtual Assistant can be used to assist.

There are few businesses that don’t have any administration or organising tasks that are both time consuming and a waste of the business owner’s precious time. Such tasks may include the following:

· Email management

· Calendar/meeting scheduling

· Typing up documentation

· PowerPoint presentation preparation

· Proofreading

· Research

· Travel arrangements

· Expense reports

· Call handling

· Social Media Management

· Data entry

· Minute taking

· CRM updating/maintenance

· Event coordination

· Basic bookkeeping

· Transcription

· Chasing outstanding invoices

· Invoicing

· Website setup

· Basic graphic design

Virtual Assistants can be a useful addition to a business

Virtual Assistants may also offer ‘life admin’ where they can book your appointments, source gifts, research holidays and flights, paying bills etc. Any of these tasks take up time for a busy business and can easily be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant. They can also be all undertaken virtually and from wherever in the world. There are many cloud-based software products that can easily be accessed without the need for physically installing software onto a PC. Documents can be shared safely and easily via the many products available eg. Google Docs, Dropbox and OneDrive. You can have calls with your VA and your virtual team via Skype or Zoom so it is almost the same as having them working in the same office as you. As your business grows so can your virtual team. All businesses need to keep track of their incomings and outgoings and this is where a Virtual Assistant who offers basic bookkeeping can be very useful. They often charge a monthly fee but will keep a record of your business finances from month to month. It may be that you want to increase your social media presence but you haven’t got the time, then you can hire a VA who offers that service. You may find you are having to travel away from home more frequently and need flights and hotels booking. A Virtual Assistant can research the prices for you, book them and provide a detailed intinerary for you of where you need to be and when. Outstanding invoices often need to be chased but you haven’t got the time to spend on the phone or email trying to get a response, a VA may offer this service and be more than happy to take this on for you.

Virtual Assistants are a great choice of support for small to medium businesses as they can be used for either ad hoc work or for more regular, on-going work depending on the needs of your business. By outsourcing these jobs it will give you peace of mind that all these time-consuming tasks are being taken care of while you can be at the forefront driving your business.