• emma

Is poor customer service letting your business down?

In the current technological climate of being able to find out what we want to know at the click of a button, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that good customer service is maintained in our businesses. Many customers lead busy lives and want a quick response when they make contact be it via email, telephone or a message on social media. This ensures that the customer doesn’t get frustrated at the lack of response and start looking at competitors to take their custom elsewhere instead.

Through using the internet, customers are now able to contact worldwide businesses 24 hours a day. Therefore, it is important to convey to potential customers of the working hours of the business. By doing this, the customer is then aware of when the best time is to make contact and also not feel let down if they don’t receive a response straight away. Working hours can easily be displayed on a business website, ideally on the contact page. For businesses where there isn’t always someone around to respond to emails, usually smaller sole trader businesses, an automatic response email can easily be set up. This can be used to inform customers that there isn’t currently anyone available to respond but that their custom is valued and perhaps give a time schedule of when they can expect a reply. On reading this the customer can be reassured that the message has been received and will be dealt with as soon is possible. Another option for smaller businesses is to outsource email management to a Virtual Assistant who can then respond on behalf of their client and can assist with any queries that a customer may have. It is a good way to ensure the smooth running of a business and to maintain a good service. In the same way this can also be used by way of a telephone voicemail service. As a business owner if you know you are unable to answer the phone during a certain period then set up a voicemail informing anyone that rings your phone of this. Explain when you will be available and that you will return their call as soon as you can. Again, this is also a job that can be undertaken by a Virtual Assistant who provides a call-answering service.

By asking customers for feedback can also help to build good customer service. This can be carried out by way of reviews, testimonials or conducting a short emailed survey (ensuring they have agreed to be on your mailing list). The customer then feels valued that you are asking their opinion and any criticisms would also need to be addressed. Word of mouth is also critical to a business and we are all aware that bad experiences usually travel faster than good ones. Mistakes often happen everywhere but as long as they are rectified to the satisfaction of the customer then it can help them to regain their trust in your business.

By the use of good communication and an honest, reliable service then it can only lead to a positive working relationship between you & your customer and one that gets your business recommended.